Lead by Thomas Olson with Vevue

Vevue is a simple way for anyone to earn crypto-currency and crypto-equity in exchange for answering Vevue Requests (video requests).

Travel the world from the comfort of your couch With Vevue Requests pin Bitcoin at locations in exchange for video.

Go live - With Vevue Live video you can meet random people all across the globe and tour locations that interest you.

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Learn more at Vevue.com

The possibilities for sharing video are endless. We are looking for new collaborations in programming, marketing, design and technology. If you are interested in collaborating, send us a shout out. If you would like to earn free bitcoin send us a message and we'll pin Bits near you.

To join our team please contact us via slack or email.

Earn Revenue Shares

The Contribution License refers to this 'Award Form' for calculating Contributor Royalties.

Project Terms

  • Status: This is a draft of possible project terms that is not legally binding.
  • Project Name: Make videos, earn Bitcoin
  • Project Owner: Vevue - Thomas Olson
  • Contributions: are exclusive
  • Business Confidentiality: is required
  • Project Confidentiality: is required
  • Maximum Revenue Shares: 100,000,000
  • Maximum Revenue Shares Awarded Per Month: 1,000,000
  • Revenue Reserved To Pay Contributors: 50%
  • Minimum Revenue Before Revenue Sharing: $0
  • Minimum Payment To Contributors: $1
  • Revenue Sharing End Date: revenue sharing does not have an end date.