Project Terms

  • Status: This is a draft of possible project terms that is not legally binding.
  • Project Name: Make videos, earn Vevue Tokens
  • Project Owner: Vevue Foundation PTE. LTD.
  • Contributions: are exclusive
  • Business Confidentiality: is not required
  • Project Confidentiality: is not required
  • Maximum Project Tokens: 1,000,000
  • Maximum Project Tokens Awarded Per Month: 1,000,000

Contributors are awarded Project Tokens for contributions. Contributors do not receive Contributor Royalties or Revenue Sharing awards. The value of Project Tokens is not defined by the CoMakery Contributor License, CoMakery Inc, or the CoMakery platform.

CoMakery Contribution License

This CoMakery Contribution License (1.0.0), together with the Award Form that references it, make up an agreement between the Project Owner and Contributor identified on the Award Form. Under that contract, the Contributor gives the Project Owner a license to utilize a Contribution in a Project managed by the Project Owner. In return, the Project Owner agrees to pay the Contributor royalties on Project sales and provide transparency about Project business via CoMakery, an online system for licensing and managing contributions. The parties agree:


The Contributor gives the Project Owner a broad license to utilize the Contribution however the Project Owner chooses. That license is a copyright license for work in the Contribution. It is also a patent license for inventions in the Contribution and in the combination of the Contribution and the Project. The license lasts as long as the Contributor's copyright or patent rights and as long as the Project Owner pays Contributor per Royalties. The license continues even if the Contributor gives ownership of copyrights or patent rights in the Contribution to someone else after making this agreement. If the Award Form indicates that this license is exclusive, Contributor may not gives others licenses for the Contribution.

Licenses to Customers

The Project Owner may give customers sublicenses to utilize the Contribution as part of the Project. Customers' sublicenses may give them permission to sublicense other customers, in turn.


The Contributor promises that every part of the Contribution is either their own, original work, or original work based on work from others that is available, free of charge, under a Permissive Open-Source License. The Contributor also promises that any work from others that the Project Owner references for download is available, free of charge, under a Permissive Open-Source License. Any standard form license approved by the Open Source Initiative or Creative Commons without copyleft or non-commercial-use conditions counts as a Permissive Open-Source License.

No Other Warranties

The only warranties the Contributor makes are in Warranties. The Contribution otherwise comes as-is. None of the warranties the law might otherwise read into this agreement apply.


The license the Contributor gives the Project Owner, as well as any sublicenses, apply only if the Project Owner pays Royalties under these terms:

  1. The Project Owner agrees to count money customers pay either to license, or to use a hosted instance of, the Project as Revenue, starting from the date of this agreement. Money customers pay for consulting, training, custom development, support, and other services related to the Project does not count as Revenue.

  2. The Project Owner agrees to pay the Contributor Royalties calculated according to the Award Form.

  3. The Project Owner agrees to begin paying Royalties once Revenue reaches the minimum revenue amount on the Award Form. After that point, the Project Owner agrees to pay the Contributor Royalties on demand, as long as the Project Owner owes the Contributor at least the minimum payment amount on the Award Form.

  4. If the Project Owner licenses, or provides use of a hosted instance of, the Project free of charge for more than 6 calendar months to any customer, the Project Owner agrees to count the amount the customer would have paid for that excess time at its usual rate as Revenue. If there is no usual rate to speak of, the Project Owner will use its best guess of the market rate.


The Project Owner promises to report the following information to the Contributor as long as the Contribution is utilized in the Project: other contributions to the Project, royalties awarded for other contributions, Revenue received, and royalties paid to the Contributor and others.


The Project Owner will use CoMakery to calculate and pay royalties under Royalties, provide transparency under Transparency, and license any additional contributions. The Contributor will request Royalties payments via CoMakery. If CoMakery stops providing service or makes a significant, negative change to the quality or terms of its service, the Project Owner may switch to another system.


Project Owner Can Disclose

The Project Owner may disclose or publish information about this agreement, Royalties earned and paid under it, and the Contribution.

Business Confidentiality

If the Award Form requires business confidentiality, the Contributor agrees to keep information about this agreement, information received under Transparency, and all other unpublished information about the business, plans, and customers of the Project secret.

Project Confidentiality

If the Award Form requires project confidentiality, the Contributor agrees to keep copies of the Contribution, copies of other materials contributed to the Project, and information about their content and purpose secret.

Disclosure Prevention

The Contributor will take good precautions to protect any secrets under this agreement. Whenever possible, the Contributor will let the Project Owner know, in writing, before it is legally required to disclose any secrets, and cooperate with the Project Owner to minimize disclosure. If the parties included any confidentiality terms in this agreement, they did so because disclosure of secrets would cause more harm to the Project Owner than a lawsuit could compensate for. The Contributor agrees that the Project Owner can get court orders to stop or prevent the Contributor disclosing secrets.

General Terms

This agreement has all the terms of the parties' agreement for licensing of the Contribution. California law will govern all legal rights and duties under those terms. Only the parties may enforce rights under this agreement. All changes to this agreement must be written and signed by both parties. The Contributor may assign rights under this agreement as it likes, via CoMakery or another system the Project Owner switches to. The Project Owner may assign all its rights and responsibilities under this agreement as a whole, together with the license. The Project Owner may delegate duties under this agreement.