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Delegate Hive Power to @cleanplanet Transactions with Hive or telos are FREES !!! 0 transactions fees. So we encourage you to transfer Hive or TLOS or Seeds to the Clean Planet wallets: @cleanplanet on Hive clean4planet on the telos blockchain for TLOS or Seeds tokens.
Today, a benefactor of the Planet showing his eco-citizen action either by a photo report or by a video receives a small reward in several crypto-currencies (HIVE, Planet TOKEN, SEEDS and DTube Coin)

Our objective at Clean Planet is to create a reward large enough to encourage planetary pollution control.

Reward: The planet is rewarded. Your name will appear in the list of supporters at unless you prefer to remain anonymous.

acceptance criteria
Does Clean Planet's action speak to you? * Open an account on Hive * Buy Hives * Turn your Hives into Hive Power. * You can delegate your Hive Power to us for the duration of your choice and recover your investment within 6 days, if you no longer wish to participate.
days till task expires (after starting)
30 days
This task has experince level requirement – New Contributor.
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