Lead by Miranda Clendening with Planetary Mission/ Emerging Tech Team

Points that can be given in connection with Emerging Technologies (E.T.) Innovation Summit January 26-29 Loveland, CO

This project does not offer royalties or a share of revenue. It does award project tokens. Read the Project Terms for more details.

Earn Project Tokens

The Contribution License refers to this 'Award Form' for calculating Contributor Royalties.

Project Terms

  • Status: This is a draft of possible project terms that is not legally binding.
  • Project Name: Friends of E.T.
  • Project Owner: Miranda Clendening
  • Contributions: are not exclusive
  • Business Confidentiality: is not required
  • Project Confidentiality: is not required
  • Maximum Project Tokens: 1,000,000
  • Maximum Project Tokens Awarded Per Month: 50,000

Contributors are awarded Project Tokens for contributions. Contributors do not receive Contributor Royalties or Revenue Sharing awards. The value of Project Tokens is not defined by the CoMakery Contributor License, CoMakery Inc, or the CoMakery platform.