Social and Environmental Impacts of E-Commerce
paid 6 months ago
TYPE Software Development
Eleftherios Avramidis

Submitted Work

EcoWidgy is a browser extension that lets consumers understand the environmental and social impact of the purchases they are going to make.

Task Details

what is the expected benefit
As a consumer I want to understand the supply chain of products in order to see the environmental impacts of e-commerce purchases. The impact this task has on the sustainable supply chain is the creation of awareness for the sustainability impacts our consumption has in e-commerce. This happens through showing consumers clear numbers on the supply chain’s environmental and social impacts when they are shopping online.
acceptance criteria
  • Identify relevant values of data of consumer items and their supply chain (CO2, km travelled, # of suppliers, etc.) that will be able to trigger a behavioural change in consumers
  • Find and access databases that show the given environmental and social impacts of supply chains depending on the item and its category
  • Connection of a web crawler that can scan a webpage for products a consumer is about to purchase
  • Connect the crawler's results with the database to generate accurate data on the supply chain's environmental and social impacts
  • In case there are not enough data sources a simple AI engine can extrapolate data in order to create approximate values to the impacts
  • Create visuals to show how consumers will receive the information on their customer journey
  • Develop the tool (browser extension, SDK for native shopping applications)
days till task expires (after starting)
30 days