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what is the expected benefit
Each prompt should be broken out into tasks that people or teams can take action on, and help move forward the initiative. To do this, you can create tasks within this project that will be posted live for people.
For additional reading on how to use this platform, we have detailed articles with visuals: * How To Create a Task * How To Create a Batch * How To Get Started As A New User * The CoMakery Setup
acceptance criteria
  • First, visit this Prompt's content overview.
  • Create tasks that address the Prompt's goals and contribution needs.
  • Either create a task in a batch that exists, or create a new batch.
  • Make the Acceptance Criteria detailed enough to ensure the work is satisfactorily completed.
  • Make sure to include where the work should be submitted.
  • Code can be pushed to the Collabathon GitHub Repo
  • A file can be attached to the task or you can provide a link to a Dropbox / Google Folder.
  • Provide an award amount for the task - keep in mind the project has 100,000 tokens (points) as budget. Awards should be based on the value of the work.
  • Select a specialty the contributor should have that fits the requirements of the task.
  • Want the task done more than once by multiple people? Make the field "How Many Times Can This Task Be Done" greater than 1.
days till task expires (after starting)
10 days
This task has experince level requirement – New Contributor.
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